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The area code for the largest marijuana producing region in California. Used to denote very high quality and potent marijuana.
"I was hunting for some 420 but the 530 showed up!"
by PharmaPharmer December 29, 2004
Abbreviation for "I Miss You" in net and SMS use in Chinese speaking world. It is an example of extensive use of numerical digits for their similar pronunciation of daily expressions in Chinese. In this case, 5 means "I", 3 means "miss", 0 means "you".

John: 530
Vivian: 530, too.
by Kitty Chw August 17, 2006
Northern California, above Sacramento and below Oregon. Includes the great city of Red Bluff and the magnificent party college Chico State.
Sally: I went to college at Chico State
Other chick: lets have some good times.

Guy looking through peephole: Oh she's from the 530.
by Wizardo April 03, 2006
A day filled with seduction, passion, and pure bliss. Body shaking, mind blowing sexual experience.The best day of one's life.

Joining the mile high club without ever leaving the ground.
Nothing can top 530.

Everyone wants 530, but very few achieve it.
by tterb8 March 19, 2011
What Detroiter's call slut's or whores (the price of a Little Caesars Hot n Ready Pizza is $5.00 plus 6% Michigan sales tax = $5.30)
1. "I can't go to the club tonight, I got a 530 coming over."

2. "I met this 530 earlier today and we was fucking by the end of the night."

3. "I had a blast at the party, got drunk, smoked some weed. I brought home two 530's and got down with both of them."
by PrettyDelishus August 08, 2009
little mexico,
was once a white farm town
i was gonna go to cancun, but im cheap. so i went to the 530
by yjfsij March 16, 2006
the time that my family enjoys dinner
"its 5 30, wheres the food bitch?"
by hobo January 08, 2005
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