Somebody who seriously, honestly needs to and WANTS to be shot.
He's disappointed that after spending $100,000 each on bulletproofing two different vehicles, he didn't get shot at.
by Assassin March 24, 2005
A total wuss who ran away after being bottled at the Reading festival.
Look there's 50 cent ha ha ha ha
by Jesus March 23, 2005
Another half wit rapper, but unlike the others this guy takes full advantage of everyone's love of ebonics by naming himself 50 Cent. Pronounced "fitteeay scent" this term is highly amusing to yell out loud for no reason in a ghetto drawl
"God damn it, fitteeay scent!!!!!!!!"

"Hot shit nigga!!! Hot shit, fitteeay scent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Meshuggah February 11, 2003
Not to be confused with Curtis Jackson: 50 Cent was a real street gangster, thief, crack dealer, murderer. NOT the rapper who uses his alias. The real 50 also took gunshots, but wasnt as fortunate as Curtis Jackson, and died in a hospital. Unfortunately I dont know remember his name... if someone does correct me please.
Curtis Jackson is not the real 50 Cent...
by adamrandall September 14, 2005
1: Kelvin "50 Cent" Martin. Famous stickup boy from Brooklyn during the crack epidemic that robbed drug dealers and others.

2: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. Mainstream and somewhat underground rapper whom took said alias above.
There's a story behind everything...
by The Marksman July 26, 2005
A rapper who has been taught the following by the music producers, advertisers, and directors.

1. You are from a tough neighborhood. So you must be tough, act hard, and get jewelry to fit your role.

2. You are a gangster. You have been shot.

3. You dont give a f**k.

4.Lets make some money off these suckers out there.
Artificial turf in a football stadium is "50 Cent" grass.
by steve h July 27, 2005
A try hard rapper, who's lyrics basicly translate as: "I'm really rich, I have a big expensive car and a big dick, and all the chicks wanna fuck me"
Well, if you need to say it....
50 cent is fucken gay
by pinkpunk69r August 27, 2005
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