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Named after his net worth, 50 is one of the most well known modern rappers. he is also the most overplayed, over publicised, over commercialised new-age fake-ass rapper. Hip-hop my ass. 50 is about as hip hop as barry white. R'n'B SHIT. anyone who thinks hes hip hop you need to open your fucking eyes. oh 50 aint rap's MVP either you fake fucks. VINNIE PAZ, ESOTERIC, GZA, INSPECTAH DECK, METHOD MAN, ARMY OF THE PHAROAHS, GHOSTFACE KILLAH - THATS HIP HOP CUNTS, BIG L REST IN PEACE.
"I got the maagic stick" well lil kim can stick it up your fuckin ass 50 cent, love from australia
by 6151KILLINBABIES December 20, 2006
50 cnet is fire. Yall just dont understand him. he aint scared to get at other rappers he take chances. he can't be that bad because he sell like crazy. The masssacre was hot everybody in the hood was listenin to it. Plus he the only rapper that got a successful sneakers and clothing line. I bet yall bitch asses wearin it right now. So dont hate congradulate a black man making it . And hate on all those punk ass rappers who scared to challenge each others. he got heart to do what he do and money out the ass
So you could hate if you want but people still records and makin him rich.
And Game is not better than 50. 50 helped him in his cd. Plus Game is pusssy he should of got kicked out of G-unit. If you in a group u stick up for each other. You ddont see a blood ssayin he cool wit a crip. right. Thats not loyalty. 50 give everybody in hid crew a chance to do them . As soon as he signed game he let him do him
by KEE-KEE June 11, 2005
You may not like the guy , but you gotta admit - 50 Cent sure has style.

(And lots of money)
'We getting money man!'

*High School setting...before 2003*
Bill Anderson - Damn , I think you gonna get up in life? I predict you'll get shot 9 times and uh...end up in some hospital, work out, bust off some tracks and become the fastest rap star to make it big , and earn 400million dollars just to have your name on some Vitamin water.

Curtis Jackson - I know....I'll see you in 5 years...In da club....take 50 cent...

*Young 50 cent stares at the Shop window , looking at the sneaker he' always wanted*
*Friend comes* Don't worry, you'll have those shoes one day.
by sundarasundara August 10, 2009
because of 50 cent(wish i could acctualy rap) jackson,rasism against african americans has been set back 50 years plus thanks to him hate crimes will never stop.
"look at the nigger go lets make fun of him cuz his skin is da same color as 50 cent's
by psychobilly_kid July 04, 2006
-An amount of money
-a large black man
"can i hold 50 cents"
by burke M April 08, 2006
A gangsta from da Southside, this gangsta became one of the best rappers out there, and still is. Curtis James Jackson III is his real name.
1. 50 Cent Hater(aka weird retard): i fuckinn hate 50 cent, it's g-g-g-g-g-g-g-unot for mothafuckin life. Normal Person: no wonder you were a cracker. Ja Rule and Game suck. 50 Cent sees and makes real rap.
2. 50 Cent is a gangsta that has been a dealer and is a true gangsta.
by Armando de Salvadore April 03, 2008
omg he's so damned gangsta cause he waz lyk so kuel kuz he b gangsta n all that shiz
50 cent - lyk omg he so gangsta NIGGaZ!!!!!!!!!11
by TheLulzFactory July 29, 2009