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Someone who knows everything. They interrupt you and finish your sentences with something they've done better.
That bitch is a 511 cause she knows more then 411.

Have a question? Go ask Penny. She's the 511 cause she knows more then Information.
by Jbuzz September 06, 2013
4 2
That need to shit. Makes it sound more appropriate.
"Man, I've got 5-11 like you would NOT believe"
by Satchmo II March 25, 2003
17 12
This is still a good song.

And people have to start out somewhere on this game!
5.1.1. is the ideal song for beginners to play on Beatmania IIDX
by Ashura February 11, 2004
4 4
Comprehensive transit information
Q: How do I get there?
A: Call 511.
by Anna Maria Tran December 18, 2003
14 20
NEVER PLAY THIS SONG ON beatmaniaIIDX! But go ahead and play it on DDR. :P
5.1.1. is a 1-star on IIDX.
by dj gs68 May 12, 2003
0 7