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A perfect rating; 5 out of 5. Can pertain to any scale.
Did you see that girl? She gets 5 stars on the hotness scale!

Holy crap you get 5 stars on the crazyass scale!
by FunkeyRat April 22, 2004
smacking someone with ur palm spread out so they get a red handprint on them.
"Damn Joe just 5 starred John on the back for scuffin his kicks, damn look at that mark"
by SJM June 21, 2006
A terrible individual criminal act that garners the attention of local and federal police, that includes Choppers and a great chase. Inspired by the video game Grand Theft Auto.
"Dude, did you see all those cops raging down the street? Somebody totally just busted to a 5-Star!"
by LINKFX1423 August 17, 2008
The number of stars required in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, to attract what is referred to as "federal love." Federal love entails being pursued by multiple Black SUV's driven by the FBI. A truly magnificent killing spree generally precedes the acquisition of 5 wanted stars.
I thought I could handle all the S.W.A.T. vehicles and cop cars when Bam! I killed yet another police officer and my wanted rating inflated to the dreaded 5 stars. Then I knew a whole new world of hurt.
by Mhuur April 24, 2004
A dyme that looks so fine and whose swag is thru the roof. Pretty much the chick you wished you looked like. Chick with all the right features
5 star chicks include- Beyonce, Ciara, Keri Hilson, Trina, Gabriel Union, Letoya Luckett, Kim Kardashian, Pilar Sanders, Tyra Banks, The Old Naomi Calmbell.
by Playax08 April 07, 2011
a street artist which is the best of the best.
man i wish i was as good as 5-STAR
by 5-STAR October 01, 2003
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