A pop-rock band from Sydney, Australia formed in 2011 and recently gained popularity in 2014 for their hit single "She Looks So Perfect"

Some may argue that the band is a "boy band" and those that say that are simply ignoring all the evidence that supports otherwise. Their self-titled album (producer - John Feldman) actually has some great pop-rock songs despite what others may say.

1. They have been on the covers of both Rock Sound and Alternative Press, as well as winning The Rolling Stones #1 Rock Song of 2014. People tend to ignore these facts when claiming that these Aussies are a boy band

2. To tell they aren't a boy band just look at their inspirations for music. Blink 182, Busted, All Time Low, Greenday, The Misfits, Marianas Trench, The Ramones, Good Charlotte and the Sex Pistols to name a few. They have also written songs with Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low), the members of Sum 41, Joel Madden (Good Charlotte), The members of Busted, Josh Ramsay (Marianas Trench), and it is rumored that they will be writing with Austin Carlile (Of Mice And Men) in the near future.

3. They have received lots of support for their music from all different kinds of bands including but not limited to Alex Gaskarth, Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens), Billy Joel Armstrong (Greenday), Mark Hoppus (blink 182) Gerard Way (formerly My Chemical Romance), The Romantics, and Josh Ramsay
everyone else including the band : They aren't a boy band, and they sure as hell aren't punk rock, they are pop-rock.
by Pop_punk_trash March 10, 2015
A shitty boyband. They themselves aren't bad, but it is their unbearable fangirls who will deny to the grave that 5 seconds of summer is a boyband. The main argument is that they play their own instruments so that disqualifies them from boyband status, which of course is false. Also more annoying is the imaginary link that has been made with this boyband, and real punk rock bands. They and their fanbase like to wear classic punk rock t-shirts, although most of them have no fucking idea what they are wearing.
Fangirl: "I love 5 Seconds of Summer!!!"
Me: "Do you also love The Misfits, since you are wearing the Crimson Ghost?"
Fangirl: "Isn't The Misfits a clothing brand?"
Me: "Please take off that shirt and proceed to set yourself on fire."
by Leroy Sid December 22, 2014
Another manufactured boy band thrown together by a money-hungry corporation to get a quick buck off gullible 10 year old girls. Much like One Direction, they're songs are the same thing: make an anonymous compliment to some girl, so every 10 year old girl on the planet will go: "OMG! He said that to me! I have to go buy more overpriced 5SOS merchandise now!" And that is the goal of these people. They're fans say, "They're not a boy band! They play instruments! Boy bands don't play instruments!" Yeah, honey, they do. They can't play them WELL. But they do play them. So does OneRepublic, and they're a shitty boy band.
Fangirl: "OH. MY. GOD! 5 Seconds of Summer released their new EP! And it's only $340! Can I get it mom?! They also have this new 5SOS jacket! It's only $150!"
by ledzeppelin1 August 19, 2014
Just another boy band for teen girls to drool over. They got famous after touring with another boy band, One Direction.

To claim this is not a boy band because "they play instruments" is just a way for their "fans" to justify their infatuation with another group of attractive boys.

The real reason for the band's popularity lies in their ability to be good looking and create generic pop hooks. Just like every boy band, ever.
OMG 5SOS! They play instruments!! No band has ever done that before!!!!!!!!!

5 seconds of summer? More like 5 seconds of suck.
by statesman May 23, 2014

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