A US company that makes anime shows more kid-friendly. They ruined anime by changing the soundtracks, giving the characters silly voices (some are good though), and adding puns.

Shows like Sonic X, Yugioh, One Piece and Pokemon are some examples.

The company deserves to be buried deep under the earth.
Person A: Hi B. Whatcha doing?

Person B: Hi A. I'm watching Pokemon. And guess what? The songs rock! I just love it! 4Kids rulesss!

Person A: I better split! This is getting scary!
by ab2001 November 18, 2006
Known fully as "4KIDS Entertainment", it is rumored that 4KIDS is made up of former Rankin-Bass employees (known for classics like the claymation Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer). Once they broke off of Rankin-Bass, they became an anime dubbing company. Their first property was Nintendo's Pokemon, which quickly gained the company massive amounts of fame, and, of course, money. They soon went on to get Cubix, Yu-Gi-Oh, and, eventually, they bought out Saban's FoxKids Saturday Morning Block and transformed it into their own FoxBox (now known as "4KIDS.tv").

They are a company to the core, and as such, care about one thing alone: the bottom line. The Bottom Line for 4KIDS is profit. They will seek maximum profit in any way whatsoever. Usually, this involves drastically altering the anime license they have - re-writing all the dialogue, re-composing all the music, and generally editing the content so heavily it's difficult to comprehend what the show was originally like.
One of the worst cases of this is One Piece; a show featuring lots of graphic violence, centered around Luffy - a boy who battles his way to become the King of the Pirates. 4KIDS has turned this show into an embarassment, all for the Bottom Line.
by The Lost Skeleton July 21, 2005
A group of "people" hell-bent on destroying the wonderful art that is anime. They have maimed, gutted, killed, and poured hot tar over the respected animes and have disrespected the creators of the said anime(s).

Main purpose in life is to make little kids fill their brain with very very bad plot holes and annoying voices that will ever scar their innocent minds.

4kids is a very unholy organization
All liscense given to vgcats.com:
by Hoping 4kids will go DOWN! June 20, 2006
An Anime Dubbing company.
They have fun, Raping very series that started in Japan, like Tokyo Mew Mew, Sonic X, Kirby and Yu-Gi-Oh.
And their biggest rape is Pokemon. Changing comments, even in the manga, from "Godammit!" To "Gosh Darn it!"
They change names, titles and even very well re-write the story.

If you support that 4kids should burn in hell, Thumbs up this comment. If you like hidiously raped series, cry about it.

4Kids should most preferably to all you anime fans burn in hell before they get to one of your favorite only-Japanese animes next.
Trust me, they will.

They will.
4Kids guy 1: Hey, Hey, Joe. Look!
Joe: What?
4Kids guy 1: On this line right here, Misty says, "What a stuck up jerk!"
*Everyone starts making noise*
by i liek mudkipz an stuff May 13, 2009
A terrible dubbing company. That's just the short definition!

They take control of great Anime's, and censor every thing a Anime is meant for! Blood, Violence, Cursing, even some jokes, they sometimes shrink the sizes of breast, like Akiza from Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds! Since I said that, it censored so much! It even gave corny lines to the main characters!

Yugi/Atem- Heart of The Cards!
Joey/Jonouchi: Where's the heart in those cards Yuug?

Jaden/Judai- Get your game on!
Jesse/Johan- Wh... what?

Yusei- Let's rev it up!

4Kids is like a disease, it spreads, and spreads to anything it touches. It messed up Sonic X, One Piece, (Funimation did their own dub to it thank god!) Shaman King, Pokemon, all the Yu-Gi-Oh Series, Tokyo Mew Mew, Dragonball Series, and a few others. We should all be thankful it didn't get other good Anime's, like Bleach, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note any many more!
Guy1: Hey! Did you see this weeks episode of Sonic X?
Guy2:...What...? Oh yeah! I saw it subbed! It was awesome!!!
Guy1: What's subbed?

Guy2: Huh? You know, to the Anime Sonic X.
Guy1: What's a Anime?

Guy2: *sighs* Made from Japanese, everything is better! 4Kids censor everything...
*watches a episode of Sonic X is Japanese*

Guy2: So...?
by SonicJetWave March 10, 2010
The butcher of animeThe make the show more American friendly so they are
offended when the see some thing on the tv program that
they find upsetting I live in America and I getting a little sick
of all the changes in anime that 4Kids makes when they
get it licensed over here. I hae got all my comp isp address block
try to fix Wikipedia’s definition for them but had it changed back to what
it said originally. If you are a major hater of this company then you know
what I am talking about when I say 4kids must crash and burn to the ground
and have to major fine for ruining great anime when they tried to make them more
American friendly. If this is America where we have freedom of speech and so on
What is wrong with a little upsetting tv. If you do not like whats on just change the
4Kids have decently ruined Ojamajo Doremi by calling it Magical DoReMi and absolutely butchered it with the dubing and translations.
by Al-mal May 12, 2008
A Giant, evil, american monster that came upon an unsuspecting, awesome guy named Japanese anime, picked him up, ate him, and shat him out. Then picked up the shit, shat that out, and continues to repeat this cycle to this day. :(
"WHEN will they charge 4Kids with shojocide?!? WHEN?!?!? WHEEEEN?!?!?!?"
by Phanatik January 03, 2009

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