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Company responsible for butchering the anime Shaman King. I picked up the manga and thought it was awesome but then watched the show in horror. Manta's name is now Mortimer (what did he do to deserve that name?) and Ren's name is replaced with Lenny. The horror! Ren sounds like a british priss now even though he's Chinese. Then 4kids thought, "Let's put a spanish accent on a Japanese guys! The fans should be really pissed now!"

Oh, and they just liscenced Naruto. What is this world coming to????
"Wow, look at the mob of horoxren fangirls storming 4kids HQ with hatchets and machine guns"
by katieandginger January 23, 2005
The way that one of the frat aliens from Aqua Teen Hunger Force describes the pain that he went through to get a tatoo on his lung.
"Yeah my dad said he'd kill me if I didn't get it done. I had to get wasted to do it cause it hurt like eight bitches on a bitch boat"

"It was as cold as eight bitches on a bitch boat"
by katieandginger January 31, 2005
This word can be used for just about anything. Do not try to make sense out of it.
Mama pags said it once and everyone has been using it ever since.
"oooh look at that dog"
"looks like an ass pity to me"

"Pick up your ass pity and get out of here"

"What an ass pity"
by katieandginger January 31, 2005
The best little boy to ever grace the earth. She's really a girl but looks like a blooming little boy with cutesy wutesy freckles. Has a thumb named quasimodo (aka quasi or modo)anf wants to find the pink scrunchie in the central dauphin high school parking lot. Interests include emo and mooping.
"Gareth, there's two girls and a moofpoof waiting for you in the car!"
by katieandginger January 23, 2005
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