A stupid Anime-dubbing that uses Babelfish for translation. Hires shitty voice actors that sound like crap.
4Kids couldn't translate Japanese if their lives depended on it
by Cyberquad February 01, 2004
Although I myself do not enjoy the YU GI OH anime and/or manga, I sympathize with fans in saying "WHAT THE HELL DID YUGIOH DO TO DESERVE THIS?!"
Also, Shaman King fans, including myself, turn red in the face when they think of the butchered anime. Ren=Lenny. Manta=mortimer. Ryu=Rio. Anna sounds like a valley girl. She sounds like she will say "LYKE OMG A PRADA BAG" at any second. Manta sounds like a ... well ... gnome ... ? And Ryu ... *shudders* What is that? A french or Spanish accent? I sure as hell can't tell! Ren sounds like he's going off to tea and crumpets with the queen at any second instead of fighting.
I've seen the voice cast for Naruto and lemme tell ya ... praise insert divine being of worship here that the bastards at 4kids are finally getting the message to STOP KILLING ANIME!
"I've got an idea guys ... let's find anybody who speaks English as a first, second, or THIRD language, put them in a studio for anime ... purposely mismatch the mouthflaps!"
"OOOH OOOOOH!! I've got one, too! Let's change the names to the corniest ones we can think of!"
"YAY! And then we can call our company ..."
"4KIDS! CAUSE IT'S FOR KIDS! EVEN THOUGH IN JAPAN IT'S FOR TEENS! And kids these days think it's cool to substitute a '4' for the word 'for'"
"Yeah, guys, we're so cool"
-4 Kids executives.
by cheesypoofs! April 05, 2005
An Evil Terrorist Organization bent on world domination through Television sonic waves.
brainwashed n00b: omg i liek this yugioh show

smart person: AW HELL NAW!
by Hypermega November 09, 2004
A Stupid Fucked Up Anime Company Ten Times Worst than Funimation and Dic Entertainment Combined, D@MN IT, I so fucken hate them for Ruining Onepiece, Shaman King and Sonic X

4Kids are currentley Fucking up Sonic X's 3rd season the Meterex Saga, Good Lord, Dark Oak's Dubbed voice is just god awful, he sounds like a Retarded 60's Anime Robot from Voltron or something. and they gave Cosmo a freaken British Accent,She's Jun Tao all over again folks

And Recently 4Kids made a Shitty @SS Anime style G.I joe Series called G.I Joe Sigma Six which is even Worst than G.I joe venom vs Valom and the New TMNT, they screwed up my fav G.I joe member of all TImes, Snake Eyes, this show was no way near the level of the awsome 80's G.I joe cartoon.

And Good Greif 4Kids are killing Tokyo Mew Mew, they turned it into a Shit Fest, it's So bad that it Makes the Dic dubbed version of Sailor Moon look good, they changed nearley Everyone's Names, Added in these Retarded Mew Puns and Worst of All, they changed Mew Ichigo's Catchphrase from," Tokyo Mew Mew, At your Servive", to a retarded Funky Rap intro" Mew Mew Style, Mew Mew Grace, Mew Mew Power in Your face", Oh dear god, it's worst than Naruto's" Beleive it", and it makes Wedding Peach's Catchphrase look Good.

This is Proof that Some Things are Best Left Unchanged, Thank God 4Kids have'nt Touched Bomberman Jetters Yet, another one of my fav animes.
(4kids Executive): Hey Guys, Lets Pull a Len Tao and Bakura on Kissu...uhhh.... I mean Dren ^^
(Dren): Nooooooooo!!! How dare you B@stards mess with us Cynaclons!

4kids Executive: Ha ha ha haa haaaaa! Hey guys, Lets Take a Voice Clip of some 80's Robots from Macron 1 and dubbed them on the Meterex, Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa

(4kids Boss): yeah, and Lets Pull a By-pass Sailor Moon operation on Tokyo Mew Mew and cut out 2 episodes and merge 2 into 1 ^^
by ChronoBall X January 02, 2006
A shitty dubbing company that enjoys turning good anime into piles of crap. The people at 4kids don't care about the fans of the anime that they are dubbing and only care about making more money for themselves. They take anime that has mature content and turn it into a kiddie show. Because of 4kids, the anime One Piece is the most looked downed anime in America. They replaced One Piece's good humor with unfunny and childish puns, removed all blood and death, changed some of the characters' names, changed guns to super soakers, replaced the awesome background music with music that will make you want to puke, replaced the opening with idiotic rap, and took out a bunch of arcs that will later become important to the story.

4kids also ruined Tokyo Mew Mew. They changed the name to Mew Mew Power because, according to 4kids, Japan doesn't exist. All of the characters' names are changed and some scenes are removed. Tokyo Mew Mew is about protecting the environment and love, but 4kids removed the whole "protecting the environment" part and made Mew Mew Power be about an annoying love sick girl.

In every anime that 4kids has touched, they removed all Japanese writing and food and made the setting not in Japan, but in America. According to 4kids, little children will be traumatized for life if they as so much as take one look at Japanese culture. In conclusion, 4kids needs to burn in Hell and let better companies dub anime the right way.
4kids leader: Oh, look! There's a very popular anime in Japan called "One Piece!" Let's get the rights to dub it!

4kids worker: But sir! This anime has blood, violence, a good plot, and Japanese stuff in it! We can't show this to our audience!

4kids leader: Don't worry! We'll just butcher it by removing everything Japanese, giving the characters really bad voice actors, and removing all blood! The kids will never notice the difference! We'll make lots of money because we are greedy bastards!
by Nekoshojo27 March 02, 2008
EvilDemons from the Television Underworld which grab animes down to their lair to be gruesomely slaughtered. It's a dreadful scene...*sniff* We're all cheering Naruto on to get away from this great evil, but can the show evade a grisly maim just like its friends?
Anime: La la la leh la...*strolling happily* *gets dragged down by 4Kids to be brutally murdered* AIEEEEEEE!!!
by DudeWho'sJustABitNuts August 08, 2006
a very crappy american anime dubbing company that destroyed just about every anime that i loved. thank god Viz got to Naruto first.
4kids must be stopped before they ruin every profane, crude, violent, and sex fill anime by making them appropriote for ages 10 and below!

viz might have taken out some nose bleeds and blood sores on naruto, but at least they can actaully mention death on the show.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e January 01, 2006
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