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A term rightfully assigned to describe Beyonce's most recent flop album "4" and her free-falling singles such as "Run The Charts (Nope)" and "Best Thing I Never Had (A Hit)," proving that even a seasoned music thief such as Kleptonce can't always steal a hit.

Following her epic failure she made a deal with the devil and decided to steal an unknowing mother's child and henceforth claimed to be pregnant in attempts to cover up her embarrassing 4closure and make herself relevant again
Decent Human Being: "Omg i cant believe what an embarrassing flop 4closure is, especially after the success of her last album."
Beyowulf Fan: "HDU! 4closure slayed on the Lebanon Adult Contemporary charts AND the Galapagos Islands Dance charts! When will ur fave do it??"
by cakgb December 29, 2011
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