Dick. D is the fourth letter in the alphabet, I is the ninth letter in the alphabet, C is the third letter in the alphabet and K is the eleventh letter in the alphabet.
I prefer an uncircumsized 4-9-3-11
by FlyAway July 19, 2011
Top Definition
the numbers represent each letter in the alphabet...
"I'd like to hit that 49311"
by KiKi March 07, 2005
The numbers represent letters of the alphabet; 4 is D, 9 is I, and so on. These numbers spell "dick".
I be comin' through like the 4-9-3-11 tearing up the power U" -- Method Man
by PAPI_PERREAME April 23, 2005
hip-hop/prison slang for dick. A prison tattoo of 311 indicates membership in the KKK (k is the 11th letter of the alphabet) the fourth letter of the alphabet is D and the ninth is I. Joined together the conjunction spells DIKKK
"...everybody else hit the 49311"
-Wu-Tang Clan
by Jahmil October 06, 2005
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