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The final score in the 2008 college football game between the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners. Seen on signs and other places to remind voters in polls that Texas beat Oklahoma in an effort to influence voters to not vote Oklahoma ahead of Texas.
Texas beat OU 45-35
by Bostitch December 05, 2008

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A football score where Texas beat Oklahoma by 10 points. It turns out in inbred okie math 35 points are more than 45. Bob "suck a dick" Stoops then did what he does best(besides choking in big games) and sucked enough dick to get ranked ahead of Texas.
45 - 35 we won - Texas fan

35 - 45 yehaw we won, im about to go populate with my cousin. Boner Soner. - OU fan
by Nick UT December 25, 2008