Jacking off (masturbating) to someone of red hair, more commonly gingers.
Suppose your having a sleepover, and your red-headed friend is in the bathroom.

Guy 1: dude, is he in the bathroom?

Guy 2: yeah, he's probably 44ing to himself


Guy 1: is that a playboy?

Guy 2: yeah, redhead addition. i'm doing some 44 tonight!
by runici May 11, 2010
the cops, pigs, popo, police,
yo dat 4-4 os on da block
by lil huey cc December 22, 2006
Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawai'i
ZIP CODE- 96744
on the eastside of the island of Oahu
by 96817chee March 10, 2010
4-4 is referring to a 40 oz
Still tippin on 4-4's, rapped in 4-4s......Mike Jones
by chris March 20, 2005
The mutual licking of two people's elbows. This leads to intense and uncontrolled sexual ecstasy. also see elbow lick
The sex was amazing on its own, but after we started to 44 too, the bombardment of sweet sexual delight caused us to erupt like a pair of flowing volcanoes, covering ourselves with the juicy fruits of our labor.
by boris! August 10, 2003
Code name for weed, pot, marijawana...
Where be dat 44 dawg?
by Dirtyd05 July 29, 2005
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