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The term 420 comes from the Time in India with Brtish occupation. The term is generally considered racist and is defined as fradulently or maliciously stealing information or goods from someone with seeming control. More recently however the term can be related to social engineering and jacking shit like the archangle, "a killer, clean, cold blooded , thorough," whose alias is "Whitehats" and jacks shit like yellow jerseys, "no mercy"
"Have you seen my hat." " No, besides why would you need that dirty old thing happy 420, remain blessed"
by Matties Little Ass August 31, 2007
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420 is the national smoke out day. 420 can be traced to many places but i believe its from the Bob Dylan song Rainy Day Women #12&35. In the song he repeats everybody must get stoned. If you multiply 12 and 35 you get 420.
Bob dylans song Rainy day women #12&35, made the term 420
by delay March 03, 2007
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National Straight Edge Awareness Day.
Loser: Hey Mayun! It's 420 wanna toke it uppp?
Straight Edge Kid: Haha, FAGGOT! *Stabs in the throat* =]
by billybobjoefranktom April 20, 2008
17 54
I read in a book once, and it was a REFERENCE book, mind you... that one of the first recorded weed plants grown was on April 20th, some year god knows i forget... later.
um, it's 420... let's plant a tree...?
by chillacious April 20, 2007
3 40
4-20 is fuckin national smokers day. You blaze at 4:20 am then 4:20 pm if blaze before 4:20pm its bad luck nd ur gonna get sick from your tree. The people who posted the definitions above this one are retards because no one says "yo man, 4-20 lets go. It doesn't mean lets go smoke. It's just means the best day of the whole fuckin year.I know because i am from pearl river the fuckin best fuckin party town in the world. If you dont believe me look up pearl river on this site and your ass will be proved wrong!
Yo son it's 4:20 on 420 lets smoke some motherfuckin Blueberry yum yum!!
by Howe-Blaze November 01, 2006
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The composition of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contains 420 chemicals. The "main" part of marijuana.
This can be easily looked up and verified in any chemical encyclopaedia/dictionary.
by Rabelasian Prostagone September 27, 2004
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there is a 4:20 verse in the bible, about how god planted the seed. Not sure what chapter
look in the bible
by Sharon April 21, 2004
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