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An expression that are used by liars to describe how good they are at something. similar to Rickson Gracie's "record."
Joe: Hey, I'm 400-0 at StreetFighter 4 online.

Louis: Yeah right! Don't be a Rickson Gracie.
by GracieHunter April 24, 2009
One of the most dangerous and poor french ghetto. there sum of the biggest fucked up habitation in occident. the 4000 is a 93's ghetto and you can heard that while da french riots as you heard watts and compton
"watchu want fooL? i'm frum da mothaphuckeen 4000 you mothafocka !"
by G 2 da A 2 da Z 2da A March 14, 2007
when describing something that is ahead of it's time. something that seems futuristic for the present time period.
1) wow, this album is 4000! 2) this club is popping! 4000!
by orlandosveryown August 19, 2011

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