Slang from Vicks 44 cough syrup, talking about liquid codeine. Often mixed with sprite or mineral water and makes the drink turn a purplish color.
Still tippin on 44s, wrapped in four vogues...
by crazy3 April 13, 2007
Top Definition
4-4's to 1984 Cadillac rims w/ '84 spokes. Most people incorrectly assume 4-4s refer to 4 24 in. rims. However, they're clearly not hood.
"4-4's to 24's I'm subject to glide mayne"
-Trae, Swang
by Trunk poppa & DJ Swang August 04, 2006
Is Dayton(In houston we call them ELBOWS) rims with 84 spokes.
So the fraise still tipp'n on 44's mean…. Ride on dayton
by JonLee713 October 10, 2006
A type of gun. Like Ak 47.
That G loaded some 44s.
by Albert Yang September 22, 2006
44's is vics 44's cough syrup
down south they think drinkin cough syurp
and driving is most enjoyable
still tippin on 44's
by Odd_is_he July 15, 2006
I dont know what this means at all
still tippin on 4-4's
by White Gurl May 03, 2005
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