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Is Dayton(In houston we call them ELBOWS) rims with 84 spokes.
So the fraise still tipp'n on 44's mean…. Ride on dayton
by JonLee713 October 10, 2006
4-4's to 1984 Cadillac rims w/ '84 spokes. Most people incorrectly assume 4-4s refer to 4 24 in. rims. However, they're clearly not hood.
"4-4's to 24's I'm subject to glide mayne"
-Trae, Swang
by Trunk poppa & DJ Swang August 04, 2006
Slang from Vicks 44 cough syrup, talking about liquid codeine. Often mixed with sprite or mineral water and makes the drink turn a purplish color.
Still tippin on 44s, wrapped in four vogues...
by crazy3 April 13, 2007
A type of gun. Like Ak 47.
That G loaded some 44s.
by Albert Yang September 22, 2006
4-4's is the rims on the tire of ur car
stil tippin on 4-4's
by Kris p April 24, 2006
44's is vics 44's cough syrup
down south they think drinkin cough syurp
and driving is most enjoyable
still tippin on 44's
by Odd_is_he July 15, 2006
I dont know what this means at all
still tippin on 4-4's
by White Gurl May 03, 2005