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The video that is similar to 2 girls 1 cup and 2 girls 1 finger but ten times more nasty. This video involves 4 girls. One female deficates into one of the other girls anal hole. The act of licking the feces takes place. This goes on. The swap it on each other tounges. They then draw on each other with the feces. The video concludes with the girls vomitting on one of the girls butt.
Hey did you see 4 Girls Fingerpaint?
You should check it out.
Cool, I will later on tonight!
by Yarianna January 13, 2008
internet video where 4 girls finger paint with shit. to start the first girl shits on another girls asshole. one girl leans in to eat the shit and play with it in her mouth. then they rub the shit on there fingers and proceed to finger paint there bodies with it. afterwards one girl pukes on the shit and ass. to top it off one girl pukes in another girls mouth. the end.
guy 1 "hey bro check out this vid 4 girls finger paint"

guy 2 "ok ill google it when i get home"

guy 2 "wtf is wrong with you dude"

guy 1 "pretty fucked up right?"
by thatotherguy March 21, 2008
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