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The gayest tactic possible in the game of Starcraft.

A Zerg player builds a spawning pool before a single drone, while his supply is still at 4. Hence, 4-pool. This is the fastest possible zergling rush.

Doesn't work as well since spawning pool cost was raised to 200.
I pwn you with 4 pool, n00b! fear my incredible skillz!
by Paul Spoering May 18, 2007
A stratagy in the RTS game Starcraft in which a Zerg player rushes to a spawning pool, a building used to build basic warrior units, using his only 4 starting workers, hence the name: 4pool
Alex: OMG! i just got zerg rushed? How?!

Me: 4pool.
by PA is a scary place May 04, 2010
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