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A beautiful state of mind that those who consume Four Lokos on a daily basis inhabit. Landmarks include - Blue Raspberry River, Orange Park, Fruit Punch Farm, the Watermelon Well, Bong Beach's Lemonade Stand, Cran-ma's House, Kro-Grape-O Grocery Store, and most importantly the Whooty Bridge. The streets are paved in 4 Loko cans, 4 Lokos grow from the trees in Orange Park, and during the occasional thunderstorm 4 Loko is rained down on the entire town instead of water. Accessible only by the PJ's bus service and to those in possession of at least 1 Four Loko, 4 Loko Town would definitely be described as "where it's at". Being extremely drunk more than 6 times a week, nightly projectile vomiting, and more than 1 unplanned pregnancy within the confines of 15 days are all signs that you might be a resident of 4 Loko Town. So call that PJ's, get those Lokos, and drink up and you'll soon be on your way to 4 LOKO TOWN!!!
"Hey man, what do you wanna do tonight?"

"Well, I've got a lot of homework but I was thinking about just going to 4 Loko Town instead. Wanna join?"

"Sounds fantastic let's order 20 Lokos right now!!"
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