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Anal... the new 3rd base. Doesn't count unless it is in the stink.
Serge: "Oh man! I got to 3rd base last night with that hottie from the club!"
Chris: "Nice! How was the head?"
Serge: "What? That was 1/2 a base ago, I plowed that asshole."
by TSFfoLife December 29, 2010
250 408
A popular clothing store in South African malls.
"Have you seen the new sneakers in 3rd Base?"
by Mark Hawkins May 27, 2004
118 285
In the corresponding bases, 3rd base involves oral sex, either a girl giving a boy fellatio or cunnilingus.
Kristi and Ben got to 3rd Base when Kristi gave Ben fellatio.
by Miketee May 16, 2009
351 522
3rd base is oral sex. Cunnilingus or Fellatio. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE HANDJOBS OR FINGER SEX, THAT'S 2ND BASE.
"C'mon babe, everyone else is doing it... Let's go to 3rd base!"

"No way guy, you've got herpes."
by JediKnightBoB August 14, 2008
314 485
the one after 2nd base.
1st Base, 2nd Base
by uknown February 07, 2003
139 311
In dating, the act of oral sex on a woman
Due, I got to 3rd base with my girlfried last night!
by hooligan333 October 06, 2003
97 270
Spelled '3rd bass'
Legendary rap band from the late 80's, who boasted the dope ass album "The Cactus LP"...
Yo homes, 3rd bass still rocks!
by Stanz June 19, 2003
103 282