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Arabic word...often used to call a second person or a third person that the caller doesn't know or remember his/her name.
also can be used to call a third person in a conversation between two persons as long as the two parties have a mutual understanding of the third person they are talking about.
also can be used to call objects if you are talking with someone in the presence of a third person who you dont want to let know what you are talking about.
3ala2,what's up friend? (3ala2 stands for the person's name male/female)
hey buddy,did you see 3ala2 today? (3ala2 stands for third person's name male/female)
dammit,i cant find my 3ala2 (3ala2 stands for keys)
by " u can call me 3ala2 ;) " January 12, 2010
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