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Decent Lyricist but my g/f wants to lay wit him an I can't get pass that

Was seriously funny on PopIdol tho, Simon Cowell got dissssssssssed Nigga!
3PAW is a white bred trailer trash punk, Shady ain't got SHIT on da man
by Taco Bell December 02, 2003
3 1
A playa. Some1 who is a '3paw' is some1 who is good with women, money and weed. Also known as a self-diss 'LameDogg'.
dude 'He's such a 3paw'
3paw 'Naw I's jus a LameDogg'
by hiphopice February 20, 2004
3 0
1. A UK Rapper known for his sexually explicit lyrics and lax attitude towards women ("player")
2. A derogratory but sometimes revered British Term for a sex god, since the afformentioned "artist" relayed probably the most sexually explicit lyrics ever written to a bemused Simon Cowell on PopIdol.
1. 3PAW is an offensive young man putting his musical talent to waste.
2. Look at him flexing his pecks at those girls, who's he think he is, some kind of 3PAW?
by Mary Lamb December 02, 2003
3 0

Talented, good looking, but seriously offensive English Hip-Hop Artist, famous for the fact that no record label will sign him for fear of being sued for liable.
3PAW? Awww, your mother wouldn't like that!
by John Doe December 02, 2003
4 1
3.P.A.W is a master specimen of a fucked up childhood, a cross dressing father and a mother whos boyfriend has german porn star moustache. 3PAW is a sexual pervert who collects doll money and lives at a holiday camp in a trailer with his 2 kids and wife. He is partially responsible for my brothers warped sexual thoughts and actions. 3paw is also a very good friend of mine and he knows iv got his back anytime he needs me. He will infect your mind like cancer and tell you what others are afraid to say, hes a top-man and he WILL fuck you up, (even if you are a inflatable pig) lol dude.
bITCH ASs rappers like snoop dogg and 50cent should be crucified in the dessert and stoned to death. With 3paw you get what you see, he may not be brad pitt or have the best flow in the rap game, but he always says what he feels, and that is why he is up there with slim shady, way out infront of the other wannabe cocks.
5 3
Punk Kid who said he slept with Hilary Duff on TRL once. He Soooo did NOT. Hilary is a sweet girl and would never go near a low-life like him.
"3PAW's Lyrics are offensive and he is going to rot in Hell while Hilary marries me instead"
by Me December 02, 2003
4 2
crazy sexy kewl gangsta from tha col streets od StAs Make us women hot lyk bitchis on heat
oh baby when I hear 3paw mama need some sugar
by Bitch December 02, 2003
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