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Watching a movie in 3D while intoxicated.
"Oh man, I just saw Avatar in 3DD! It was unreal!"


"Did you see Avatar?"
"Not yet, I heard that the story sucked."
"Oh yeah? Go see it in 3DD, the shitty plot won't even matter!"


"My girlfriend really wants to go see Step Up 3 in 3D"
"You should make it 3DD so it won't be so bad."
"Good idea man."
by jacobthegiantkiller April 30, 2010
Abbreviation for 3D Disc, for three dimensional media viewing. First there was CD, then DVD, then Blu-Ray now ... 3DD
I watched the 3DD version of Harry Potter, it was so much cooler than the DVD version!
by techjunky March 09, 2010
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