Short for 3-Demensional, meaning an object has 3 demensions.
Wow, that cude is 3D.
by SmartGuy January 29, 2003
Top Definition
1. three-dimensional

2. having to do with a movie, game, etc. that is made with three-dimensional animated images
3D animation is almost always computer generated.
by The Return of Light Joker January 30, 2008
1. Highly exagerated. 2. Extra-ordinary. 3. Very Vivid or highly defined
'Your girlfriend has big boobs bro.'
'No man, they are actually 3D! I bet they look fake.'
by IaM WeZ October 23, 2013
Abbreviation for Daily Dose of Dick
Isabella: my brother says Angela's got an attitude problem
Kenny: Well, she does. But her attitude stems from not getting 3D
Isabella: Yeah, tell me about it.
Isabella: I could use that myself.
Kenny: word.
Kenny: Dinner Friday night?
by artist6000 January 26, 2015
The 3-D, commonly reffered to as the "triple D" or "3 dimensional date". This is a term used when trying to get with a girl.

3-D consists of:

1. Dinner
2. Date (dinner could be date or a movie, ect)
3. Dickwet

that's all you need with a girl.

Also... The first 2 D's are "optional".
"yo Joey what's goin on tonight bro?"

"3-D baby!"

"word, tell me how the 3rd D goes!"
by BeezyB603 February 01, 2010
thee greatest band in the world,.
jayden jed and damo. 3D
Todd; manager
by The Manager of 3D May 31, 2012

Stands for:
Dudley Death Drop

It is the double-team finishing move of the Dudley Boyz/Team 3D (specifically D-Von and Buh-Buh Ray). The finisher involves the opponent being slammed face first (often through a table)onto the ground/ring.

Another possible reason why this finisher is called "3D" is because dimensions the three people's bodies (including the person being slammed) are facing make up the three spacial dimensions. One of the Dudley's face forward (forward/backward dimension), the second Dudley is facing left or right relative to the first Dudley (left/right dimension), and the person being slammed faces down (up/down dimension).
1. Team 3D won the match by using the 3D on their opponents on TNA.

2. The Dudleys are infamous for using the 3D in conjunction with tables.
by Colonel Popcorn April 02, 2007

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