middle caliber gun equivalent to 38.
i popped him wit my 380
by Big Al May 04, 2004
Top Definition
.380 isnt a .38. its like saying a .45lc is the same as a .45acp. the 9mm, .380, .38, and .357mag, are all the same widths as far as the slug. just some have a longer cartridge making them more powerful. .380 being the weakest, followed by 9mm, followed by .38, and the most powerful being the .357.

usually a small frame gun, and puts a hole in somebody just as big as a .357, its just slower. but there are also some large .380's, like the mac11.

alot of people who have a .45acp will tell you that a .380 is too weak, (but so is a .45). if you want power, get a revolver, a .357 or .44. or if you had to have an automatic and wanted excessive power maybe a 10mm.
they fired me, so i tied all of them up in the basement and blasted them with my 380.
by mr. sawed off November 06, 2006
a .38 caliber pistol, equivelent to a 9mm, sometimes a revolver
" Lets get this money baby, they shady? we get shady, dress up like ladies and burn 'em wit thirty 380s"
by Bl00d $et May 15, 2006
middle classed gun, pretty good uses 9mm i think
dont make me pull out my 380's
by Langwij~Master May 12, 2003
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