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by far the most depressing and hopeless place in america. what once was a bubbling steel/italian/german community has become the growing sesspool of uneducated (and proud to be so) low income, im gonna gets mines, blacks. high crime rate, poverty and young blacks have truely ruined any amount of pride this city once had. because the city lacks any sort of identity its inhabitants have found it fulfilling to try to become the nations most notorious ghetto. congratulations on building such a promising future for your selves. much to be proud of. keep telling yourselves the white man is holding you down... but who is to blame when the white man is gone?
can't think of anything worse than youngstown ohio
by born and raised and outa there September 07, 2008
151 128
the ohio city that is by far the most dead and the most uneducated. if you leave there (or in a surounding suburb) you are most likely in a gang, a rascist piece of shit, or someone stuck here trying to get by. the only thing keeping this place even relatively worth living is the music scene that most people are completely unaware of. Youngstown is full of rascist old people who would just love to pinpoint the entire fall of this dead city on the blacks and other minorities.
youngstown Ohio: a good place to sit on your ass and complain
by Big0Ginge June 30, 2011
25 37