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A ruger P345 .45 caliber hand gun.
I got my 345 on the way to the house-Jim Jones
by weezyfbaby February 24, 2006
69 for midgets
hey, look at them midgets doing 34.5!
by jim May 16, 2004
self-sucking. as in 69 cut in half.
Man i am so jealous of alex. hes so flexible he can perform a 34.5. i wish i could do that... i wonder if he would give me a ride in his bed.
by mickamickahigh October 06, 2005
a man sucking his own dick(self 69)
Kyle gives himself a good 34.5
by D.I. WORLD WIDE August 13, 2010
3-4-5 - this refers to the 3, 4, and 5 hitters on a softball team that are extremely bad ass. The 3,4, and 5 hitters are all big swingers and do major damage in every game.

It originated in Philadelphia in the fall of 2010. Mark, Brett, and Dan are the 3, 4, and 5 hitters respectively for the Salus Cowboys.
Dude, we were down by 2 runs in the 7th but we went 3-4-5 and won the game. Straight nasty.

Shit, we're down by 5 runs. No big deal, we got 3-4-5 commin up this inning.
by Salus Cowboys October 26, 2010