The eleventh letter of the alphabet is the letter "K"; thus 3 times 11 equals "KKK," or Ku Klux Klan. 311 is sometimes used as a greeting to demonstrate membership in the KKK or simply sympathy with the Klan and its ideology
by indpendent film guy May 04, 2005
1) 3-11's k being the eleventh letter in the alphabet = KKK, Ku Klux Klan, a bunch of racist assholes.

2) a band.
someone should kill all those fuckers.

im white myself, i wouldnt mind if a bunch of black people started their own clan against those hick bastards.
by mitchell June 17, 2005
A really shitty bad that should have quit a long time ago.
My god this song sucks. Is this Limp Bizcut?
Oh no, its 311. My bad.
by Big Ern August 27, 2005
311 is short for the white hate group the KKK 11 being a K with the 3

this band also supports white power and no tolerance for colord people gayes and lesbains
Hey look at this 311 over
by Jordan311 March 06, 2005
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