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When you rate a girl based on 3 factors: boobs, butt, face.

each one is worth a point, but if the face is absolutely horrible or the butt is horrible, it can drop your rating more.

if they have sort of average features but the others are great, like an amazing face but nothing else, you can rate them with something like a 1.5, 1.6, etc.

if you've got nothing, the term used for that is "miler"

if the girl could be decent but doesn't try at all you can give them a "potential" score as well as a regular score.
dude1: that chick is super hot. she's a definite 3 on the 3 scale.

dude2: agreed. but her friend is a miler.

dude1: eh. i guess. she's a potential 1 in my opinion.

dude2: eh i guess. at least the other friend is like a 2.5

dude1: yeah, maybe a potential 3.
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by unoriginaldouchebag March 16, 2010
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