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The small pieces of weed that sometimes don't get smoked because they got stuck to the top inside edges of your bowl.
Me: "yo don't let those Gremlins go to waste"

Qbert: "ferrrr sure dude I'll pack another bowl"
by Nuggahdamus February 11, 2011
with 1-10 being the typical scale for rating anything that comes to mind, the 3 to 8 scale rates in the same way but limits you to the number 3 for a minimum to emphasize the extreme negativity of 1 and 2, and limits you to a maximum of 8, to emphasize the superiority of the numbers 9 and 10.
person 1: "that bitch is fine"
person 2: "3 to 8 scale?"
person 1: "damn i dunno...probably a 9."
by Nuggahdamus June 08, 2011

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