In a game of beer pong, a team both bounces the ball into a cup, and makes a regular shot, thus making the other team drink 3 cups, and getting the balls back to shoot again.
Joe-Oh shit, we weren't paying attention and they just bounced it in and shot it in.

Mike-Why the fuck weren't you paying attention? We just gave up a 3 point play!
by doublehighjeff January 04, 2009
Top Definition
Getting your chick on the pill, bagging your bugger, and pulling out before busting a nut to make sure you don't knock a chick up.
Candance would not be sweating a pregnancy test if she and Brandon pulled a 3 point play.
by Aff Man October 06, 2005
Using a condom, and having the girl on birth control during sex. Also it involves the guy pulling out. 3 different ways to avoid pregnancry, hints the 3 point play.
Buddy 1:Damn, last nite dude i had the best sex. And i know i didn't get her pregnant b/c we used the 3 point play!
Buddy 2:What's that man?
Buddy 1:Oh, she's on birthcontrol, and i used a condom and pulled out before i came.
Buddy 2: OH!
by ~MK~ October 05, 2005

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