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a clause in the bro code that actually consists of many subdivisions, as seen below.

For a girl that is a
9-10-you must wait 4 days before calling them.
8-9 - 3-4 days
7-8 - 3 days(most girls fall into this category hence the name)
6-7 - 2 days
5-6 - 1 day(if you call at all)
5 and below - no call at all. period.
broski: YO! i met this totally hot chick at the bar!
broseph: how hot?
broski: like a 8.5?
broseph: thats 4 days man, honnor the code.
broski: i was gonna say 3, but i guess 4 would make her feel special.
broseph: thats the intent of the 3 day rule man.
by cmxx05 January 10, 2010
The unspoken law saying you can not call a girl you just met for three days
guy 1:Are you going to call that hoe from last night back?
guy 2: I'll probably do it tonight.
guy 1: Dude, 3 day rule
guy 2: you're right what was I thinking
by darklord1147 May 23, 2007
If you're dating a chick & it's early on, if she doesn't talk to you for three days, with you trying to make an effort, then you dump her.
Aaron: Hey! Have you talked to what's-her-name yet?
John: I've tried! Calling, texting.. Nothing man...
Aaron: Ha, looks like she's getting the 3 Day Rule then.
John: Bitch gets three days!
by GuessWhoBaby? May 07, 2012