A legendary rapper. Still dead but making millions of dollars of his records

2 pac the best rapper ever
by Lamar May 07, 2004
The best rapper to ever touch the earth alongside biggie smalls and eminem. Oh Yeah..."GOD OF ROCK" you are one of the most ingorant fucking people ever. No, scratch that, the most ignorant. He was a more than a fucking "gangsta" he was a rap god, a fuckin shakespear. Just a word of warning....You fitten to get yoself shot talkin all the shit like that
2pac is the best rapper ever, if he was alive, he would fucking kill "GOD OF ROCK"
by $kandalou$ March 17, 2005
the greatest rapper ever to walk the earth, he is a genious, and has contributed to everything that is rap. his rhymes are still ill but nothin from like when he was alive, anyone that does not respect pac is a buster
R.I.P soldier we miss you
by derik-clayton February 26, 2005
"God Of Rock", you are the biggest fucking wanker, dont think that you can get a messege out to people talking shit out of your mouth, none of the comments u made were true about Pac, he is one of the most brilliant and revelusionary rappers of the time, almost 10 years have passed and people still appreciate his works of brilliance and to say this personaly and to whoever loves pac i have been brought to tears because of some of his lyrical guiness, the emotion and compassion in his words, i dont like puting other people's music down, but u can make anything sound bad eg. kiss are a bunch of make-up wearing poofs, not to mesion they dress like fags, and are gone and forgotten. but pac still lives on, and i bet that kiss couldent make 2-3 songs a day. i think that the next genaration of kids will still be listening to pac,, kiss didnt make a diffrence and thats a whole group, pac has made such a big influence in my (and alot of other peoples) lifes, look how popular he is now, and hes dead, immagine life with pac in "05" we'd still be rocking.what inpact on anything have u made u fucking poof? well then pac had more right to live then u, you fuckin scumbag poofter, be like ur idols and put some make up on. LOVE U PAC
"keep Ya Head Up"
"Brenda's Got A Baby"
by "God Of Cock" HATERZZZ March 28, 2005
Man... how can you say 2pac is whack? He's the best rapper of all time and there will never be anyone else to ever approach him on the mic. He might be dead but he will never be forgotten , unlike all your other over-rated Mc's like eminem , 50 cent and ja rule.
RIP 2Pac.

Watch the "Tupac:Ressurection" movie if you wanna know more about Pac.
by Dizzy March 10, 2005
This message is dedicated to God of Rock: you represent everything that's wrong with music these days, not Tupac. Tupac was a lyrical genius and a poet, and by narrowing your musical views, you only add to your ignornance. You see, I love classic rock and heavy metal too. I love any music that's beautiful, passionate, and high quality. And that's what Tupac has in common with Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, beleive it or not. He sang from his heart, and not for his wallet. He was a true musical genius. If anything, you should be praising him for being one of the truest rappers out there, and for being a diamond in the rough. If you have any aggresion towards hip hop, you should aim it towards fags like Nelly and 50 cent, who only rap to make money and stink up the radio with their brand of hip-hop. Some hip-hop is real, you just have to look for it. And when you do, you're gonna be blown away by it's lyrical content just like Floyd and Zeppelin, and that's what Tupac was all about, lyrical content. His life wasn't perfect, and neither was yours. Every flower must go through dirt, and that's what he did. He came from some of the roughest circumstances in this counrty, and did something about it. If you don't like Hip-Hop, that's fine.But don't set your sights on one of the few rappers that actually represents the positive impact that music can have. Peace.
You know it's funny
when it rains it pours,
they got money for wars,
but can't feed the poor
by The Message April 24, 2005
The best rapper ever known to the world and many others. His has past away, but we'll always remember him from his BAD ASS songs and records.
Sup 2 Pac, come with me baby!
by ChinyDink July 08, 2004

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