The term Twenty Six originated in Cairo, Egypt in 1999, among a group of Egyptian-Canadians and Egyptian-Americans when they were in their early 20s. It means that there is someone around the vicinity who can overhear and understand the group conversations. The term was first used in Arabic Language as Seta Wa'Ishreen.
- Shit, I hate this guy
- Twenty Six (means the guy could hear)
by Moustafa March 08, 2005
The new number used by Yankee fans to insult Red Sox fans. Since 1918 has become archaic, the ridiculous number of Yankee World Series wins is now used.
"Yeah so you won again after 86 years. We have 26 titles in that time, bitch."
by Andrew February 10, 2005
2 6
another term for a small bottle of scotch
booze scotch
"Dude that 2 6 got me wasted last night!"
#2-6 #booze #scotch #alcohal #harlito
by jroddupe November 17, 2006
the legendary, most phat of all rims
I heard Chingy rides 26's.
by 9637 February 15, 2005
a low class gang from chicago. in the south side
man Them TWO SIX tagged my curb.
by bigmo April 13, 2005
no! its a good number. you guys just wouldn't understand. only us. it's really special. i love necklaces.
we love 26 becuz we r both women, which makes us lesbians
by john hawkins and danya quattan April 04, 2005
anal sex, doggie style
the had 26 last night cause they're gay
by The "Fake" Lauren August 09, 2004
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