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25th base is the act of having sex with 2 women, at the same time, while playing Starcraft on the PC against 7 people and owning them all. While blindfolded. This also makes you more godly then Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, and Arnie combined. You also win at life. Any base after this is for pure show and tell, since if this feat is accomplished, you are God.
Jack: I got to 25th base last night. Twice.
Everyone within 50 meters: ALL HAIL THE NEW GOD!
by DecadeOfAggression October 16, 2007
Sneaking into the bear enclosure at the zoo and penetrating different orifices on each bear in the order: 1. Anus 2. Ear 3. Nose 4. Mouth. There is no 5.
"I went to 25th base at London Zoo last night and they couldn't sew it back on!"
by Aliquail October 27, 2007
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