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Jean Valjean's prison number in the musical: Les Miserables.
1. 24601 is random, or is it?
by lionvoice November 23, 2004
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The number given to the character "Jean Valjean" in the musical "Les Misérables". It has no meaning in the Novel written by Victor Hugo, but was a random number selected to rhyme with the rest of the musical. It is now a term to describe those who are punished extensively for a small crime and it is best used when randomly breaking out into song.
My name is Jean Valjean! twofoursixohoneeeeeeeeeeee!(24601)
by Zarog, The Master of Darkness March 24, 2009
In addition to Jean Valjean's prison number, it is also the prison number assigned to the Simpsons' character "Sideshow Bob" in the episode Black Widower a letter addressed to him is addressed to 24601
Dear No. 24601,
I need a man and cannot find one among the law abiding.
by hugoismydogsname July 25, 2012
Jean Valjean's prisoner number. Used by buffoons on the internet to imply they have a modicum of class and civility, when really they can't tie their shoes without drooling all over themselves.
That noob is a total 24601! What a tool!
by Jed Dempsey August 22, 2006
Victor Hugo's Birthday - 24th of June, 1801
24601 is the prisoner number of Jean Valjean in Hugo's book "Les Miserables"
by jaybulk July 17, 2006
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