24 (Twenty-Four) is a current U.S. television action/drama/thriller series, produced by Imagine Television, broadcast in the US by the Fox Network and syndicated worldwide. It was created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran, and premiered on November 6, 2001.

Each season covers the events of one day in the life of federal agent Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland, as he is trying to prevent a domestic terrorist attack. The show also follows Jack's colleagues at the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles, as well as the actions of the terrorists and typically an important political figure such as a Senator or President.

This real-time nature of 24 gives the show a strong sense of urgency, emphasized by the beeping of an on-screen digital clock appearing behind a black background before and after commercial breaks (the latter of which, via a "split screen," reveals certain visual plots and locations simultaneously). At various times during a segment of a show the digital clock appears at the center bottom of the screen. Throughout every episode the action switches between different locations, following the parallel adventures of different characters all involved in the same story.

The series completed its fifth season on May 22, 2006. In April 2006, 20th Century Fox Television renewed Sutherland's contract through season eight, but has only renewed the series through season six 1. A movie version is planned for 2008 2

On May 9, 2006, episodes of 24 were made available for purchase on the iTunes Music Store 3. On May 22, 2006, episodes of 24 from the first season and the fifth season were made available for purchase from 24 on myspace. The pilot episode and the first episode of season five are being given away through a promotional deal with Burger King at Burger King's Myspace site.

Season Synopses
The first five seasons follow a similar format, with a main story arc featuring Jack Bauer and the Counter Terrorist Unit dealing with a threat posed to national security. During the course of a season the primary arc usually changes once or twice. Surprise sacrifices, backstabbings, and other plot twists are common. 1In under seven years, there have been five presidents on 24. Each season also has several major subplots that span most of the episodes and are interwoven within the main plot. Throughout each season, Jack Bauer often faces intense personal anguish in addition to his tasks to stop the terrorists.

Kiefer Sutherland as Jack BauerEach season occurs in "real-time" and starts at the top of the hour on a given day. Each episode portrays one hour of that day, with one season comprising 24 episodes. The show is set largely in Los Angeles, so the "time" is set in Pacific Standard Time. Every episode begins with: "The following takes place between time and time." The exception:

Season 1 begins each episode with Kiefer Sutherland saying "The following takes place between time and time on the day of the California Presidential Primary." The importance of this introduction can be understood below in season one's synopsis.
AKA 24 Hours
Kiefer Sutherland
The Seven Network, Australia
by P.redeckis June 10, 2006
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Top Definition
24, The Jack Bauer Power Hour. The most entertainment you can stuff into a single day. Full of twists, turns, violence, and Elisha Cuthbert.
I had all kinds of work to do, but I decided to watch 24 instead.
by BigCow March 24, 2004
What's so good about 24?

1) It's one of the greatest television shows. EVER.
2) It's also known as "The Jack Bauer Power Hour".
3) The show isn't afraid to kill off main characters.
4) Elisha Cuthbert.
5) It has insane plot twists.
6) It never gets boring.
"I need a hacksaw".
by crazyrabbits May 05, 2005
24 or 24 Hours. A TV Show about a terrorist threat against the United States that takes place in a day. Each season of the show has 24 one hour episodes (including commercials) to create a total of 24 hours, creating the real-time effect.

Very entertaining show with many plot twists.
Keifer Sutherland has such an evil voice.
Elisha Cuthbert is so hot.
by Anonymous July 29, 2004
Honestly, it dosen't get much better than 24. The best show on telivision. Has had four seasons so far, the fifth is set to occur sometime in January 2006. The fourth season wasn't as good as the others, but still better than any other show. If you're bored one day, I *reccomend* ...rent, or better, buy the first season of 24. 18 strait hours of pure excitement.
Milo buys the first season of 24.

Milo's mom: "Milo, it's time to eat."
*Milo stays glued to 24*
*a few minutes pass*
*Milo's mom comes into room*
"Milo, what is so interesting about this show? You've been watching it for 9 hours strait, now."
*on telivision* Jack: "I am the LAST thing you will ever see if you if you hurt my wife or my daughter"
*Milo's mom sits*
*9 hours later, Milo and his mother are still watching 24 in disbelief that a show could be so powerful and addicting*
by 24 whore July 03, 2005
The best show around!
'24 will wipe the floor at the Emmy's this year'
by James September 07, 2003
1) How many hours are in a day
2) Best TV Show... Ever. Period.
Jeff watches Jack get the virus on TV.
Jeff says: "This is sad, and yet cool!"
Bob Agrees: "Indeed"
by Private November 07, 2003
a show on Fox that airs 1 hour episodes that equal 1 hour in the show time. each season happens in a "day" and therefore consists of 24 episodes. Has Keifer Sutherland as the hero Jack and each season has a different enemy/threat to the world. The most recent was a nuclear missle
When does Jack Go to the bathroom?
by say what??? August 21, 2005

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