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a company or factory code in the Monsters Inc. world. When an employee is contaminated with a foreign object of a human child, a 2319 goes into effect and alerts the Child Detection Agency (CDA). The CDA removes and destroys the foreign object, shaves and cleans the employee from any contamination and puts a cone around his head to protect himself from biting.

The number 2319 is also seen on car's license plate. It is also a reference to the Old Testament Exodus 23:19.
2319! We have a 2319!
by Jtaylor83 October 09, 2010
When you or your friends is wearing nothing but a sock over their genitalia
Looks like we've got a 2319 over there! Looking good bud.
by Wyldmann27 July 28, 2016
Based on the monsters inc. reference, but used instead in real life when you see a good arse on a female.
You're out in town with your mates and you clock a 9/10 arse but none of your mates have spotted it. In order to convey the message without suspicion arising from the girl herself or other members of the public the code 2319 is used.
by Syko141 May 15, 2016
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