CA Proposition 215, Leagalize Medical Marijuana so people can use or grow marijuana for medical reasons.
Pass 215 Leagalize The Green!!!!!
by ColdShock June 08, 2007
Area code of the Greater Philadelphia and some surrounding areas.
Representin the 215!
by Representin North Philly BIATCH August 09, 2004
The area code for Lansdale, PA and other areas around it
Also the collective name of all the bros residing within the same area plus some other honorable bros outside of it.They go hard on a daily basis and have their own symbol, known only to those who are part of 215 or have met members of 215
215 member #1: 215!
215 member #2: 215!!
215 member #3: 215!
and so on...
by Nico Yellow Bellic November 27, 2010
A combination of a Steel Reserve (40 oz) and the alcoholic energy Four (10% with wormwood oil) The result is a high percentage forty ounce that tastes like grape. Crusties love it.
This 215 has got me schwilly.
by filthpuke July 10, 2008
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