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The largest positive value of a signed integer on a 32 bit operating system. The data type time_t which is used on operating systems including UNIX and Windows is a signed integer. On January 19, 2038 at 3:17:07 GMT, the time_t values on 32 bit machines will be maxed out and set to -2147483647. This will make clocks set to December 13, 1901 20:45:52 GMT.
The world of time will end on January 19, 2038 at 3:17:07 GMT, otherwise known as 2147483647.
by HarbingerOfDeath December 22, 2008

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A number which is commonly found in hacked games and the score will be 2147483647. It is also the highest score you can get in a 32 bit game. The maximum score is 2147483647 because most games are written in 32 bit and it has to represent both negative and positive integers so 2^31 - 1 would be 2147483647. It is also commonly known as Mersenne Prime which a prime number that is one less power of two.
1. h4x0r - 2147483647
2. h4x0r - 2147483647
3. h4x0r - 2147483647

noob: OMG... someone has hacked the game and got 2147483647
h4x0r: beat that score noob
by 2147483647 December 27, 2007