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The District, Chocolate City, D.C., but it ain't Washington. Home of Go-Go.

Washington District of Columbia

We rep the 202, what up CC?
by mack February 19, 2005
Code number for a Black Toyota Vehicle. Used to reference an African American transacting some form of automobile business such as a buying a car or purchasing insurance. Also used to reference a transaction where payment arraignments are made for the client but default is expected.
Hey Boss, this 202 is asking for a payday advance.
by How Now July 21, 2010
A six cylinder engine made by Holden, for use in older models, such as the HQ to HZ Kingswoods, the VB to VK Commodores, and the WB Statesman, Caprice, and commercial vehicles. Also used as a replacement engine for old Land Rovers
Check out that VK with the supercharged 202!
by Holden rocks September 12, 2003
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