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Much like the Rictor Scale calculates the magnitude of seismic energy released by an earthquake. The 2012 Scale is similarly measured from 1 to 10, intended ironically because any number on the scale is equal to 10, It is the Pinnacle of devistation.

Reference: The pseudoscience beliefes surrounding the year 2012, such as the "Mayan long count calendar" and a wide variety of other dooms day theories.

However this scale is used to describe an event or situation merely in jest.
"I just took a raging dump that hit 10 on the 2012 Scale, I thought it was the end of the world!"

"This new film will be a 7 on the 2012 Scale in my opinion"

"Those two hate eachother! Put them in a room together and it'll be an 11 on the 2012 Scale I shit thee not!"
by TheRealMeatClown November 16, 2009
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