An exclamation of joy, pride, amazement, or general agreement. The most common pronunciation is "two thousand eleven," but "two thousand and eleven" and "twenty-eleven" are also acceptable.
Billy: Hey, I just ordered a pizza!
Nate: 2011! Don't forget to tip the delivery guy.
by Popeye Tella May 08, 2011
The year when the beast-est class ever will graduate, hopefully to own the real world as much as they did college
Class of 2011! BEAST!
by UMW Paul May 09, 2008
The year in which mortal kombat 10 will be released.
I want to buy a playstation 7 to play mortal kombat 10 in 2011.
by Gumba Gumba April 13, 2004
members of the college graduating class of 2011. completely shit faced after a couple of foam laden beers (because they have not yet mastered the art of filling their cups). always the first to "bust a move" on the floor and party foul anyone within a ten foot radius. pointing, laughing and dirty looks may quell this behavior, but don't count on it.
"God, I can't believe all these 2011s are here and they totally just party fouled Kristen!"
by Addison Kimber March 18, 2008
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