Supposedly the next decade and this is what I can see coming.

It will be a lot more conservative than the 2000s and there will be a backlash of the liberal views of the late 2000s, which are starting to fail.

The 2010s will have a more focus on family and true friends. People will start having more kids as opposed to 1-3 kid families in the last few decades. TV will become more down to earth and something worth watching. We will be seeing more variety shows and sitcoms, and reality shows are going to be more "realisic" as it was in the 1990s or just die out. Game shows will become more popular along with talk shows and talk radio. Movies will become classics because people would rather see a good movie that is worth their money, not just another blockbuster film, remake, or sequel.

Technology will become more handy and not as much as a "glam" thing or "status symbol" as in the 2000s. Albums and even vinyl will come back...downloading off of iTunes will die out. The internet will become something that will be snuck into stuff and more of an business/informational tool than a social toy. Wireless networking will becoming more widespread and high speed internet will be cheaper.

Music will be more talented and more dance/electronica. Fashion will start being glam and bling, and more brighter colors and nice looking fabrics and designs than actually wearing a label. Ravers will be all over the place.
The 2010s will be better than 2000s
by Kyle 230 December 11, 2009
Top Definition
20-10 (prounounced twenny-tenn) represents the number 200 in the pimpin' game.

A pimp who has more than 200 prostitutes in his/her stable, has reached an evalated level of status.
Slim Johnson: "Man I got to fire some of these bitches. They disrespectin' da' game. I keep catchin' em' out of pocket!

J. Rue Perrou: Youngblood, you be leakin'. You'd better protect yo' neck and keep these bitches in check. If you want 20-10 ho's, you'd better get gorilla and handle yo' business.
by Knowledge Doctor June 27, 2008
The year we will be able to pronounce "twenty ten" and it will seem kind of like the future.
its gonna be wild
by addyAddict May 12, 2009
The whole number after 2009 but before 2011
The tenth year after the world was supposed to end
The year all those eyeglass makers will be SOL because the second 0 will be a 1
Pair of 2008 glasses -2008-
Pair of 2010 glasses -2010-
by foshotwoinc January 01, 2008
The decade that we currently live in, hasn't found it's identity yet but is looking to be the 90s 3.0 as the 2000s just seemed like a more commercial 90s with cool technology.

The 2010s is the 2nd decade of the 21st century, and will be the decade when gen y will probably find their place, and gen z will rise, while gen y has kids that will be the generation after z that no one can quite name. Baby Boomers will start to reach retirement age this decade which will probably put a massive strain on social services, and gen x will reach a more prominent political position in the world.

The economy may get worse, and we are working towards green energy and actual worrying about the health of our citizens so this decade will probably be more realistic about the health craze instead on the 2000s where it was all Atkins diets and such.

TV will probably get better as scripted shows are making a comeback, and reality is losing popularity. Cartoons also seem to be making a turn for better with things like Adventure Time and Beavis and Butthead slated to return in 2011 with new episodes. Music seems to be moving in the direction of electronic taking hip-hop's and modern rock's place pretty quickly and becoming more popular. Hip-Hop seems to be waining, and emo is dead/dying and scene is also. Indie rock also seems to be rising as a new trend.
The 2010s could go either way, I'm hoping for the best, but expecting the worse.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI January 10, 2011
-2010 years after the supposed birth of Jesus.

-10 years after Y2K, which obviously didn't happen.

-2 years before 2012, which won't happen either, go look at for a complete explanation of why your a moron for ever believing the crazy lunatic on the side of the road that told you about it...

-First full year with a new president.

-Winter Olympics

-Nasa is gonna boot all space shuttles and switch to Ares launch vehicles

-GM is gonna release an electric car that will probably get like 10 miles a JIGGAWATT

-4 more halo games will probably come out

-People still think 2pac is coming back...but no he got shot BADDD, point blank by an uzi or something....nigga died real quick..

-Iraq(holy) war will continue, terrorists will not win...they have rpg's and ak's, but US has tanks and artillery and ICBMS and jets and alot of crap which would have killed all the insurgents by now but all the troops are just idling and patroling every day and the terrorists are using guerilla warfare which is pretty good...If i was the commander I would have performed a Blitzkrieg a long time ago.

-shoulda never brought the comaro back...should have been the firebird...

-have a break through in medicine and get a full swine flu cure then they'll discover some crap like whale flu or
anteater flu...

-hopefully hannah montana stops taking those photos of herself cause ya'know they sucks and hopefully she finds out or ima have to setup an intervention...o, and she needs to get off TV.
Person 1 = Happy 2010

Person 2 = ok...

person 1 = ...
by Molotovs January 05, 2010
Winter Olyimpics held in Vancouver in the year 2010.

Stupid idea on BC's part.
Yay the olympics are in Vancouver in 2010.

2010 I am heading to Vancouver for the olympics!
by Superman January 08, 2005
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