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2-bar (or any number between 1-5) is the level of internet connectivity you have during an online game. 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

Level 4-3 is not too bad. However when entering the yellow and red regions, game-play becomes near impossible. This may be due to the host or a temporary interference. It can either improve or worsen turning the match.

Since level 2 is the average, it is referred to as "2-barring" or "2-barred"
Ex 1:

"Dude what's wrong? You started playing like a noob"

"Fuck!!! I'm 2-barring!"

"Shit. Am i the only one with no 2-Bar?"


"Wow the other team sucks"

"It's not our fault! We've been 2-barred god damn it!"
by DragonoftheEastblue February 20, 2011

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