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The $2.99 wines from the maker Charles Shaw (hence Chuck) found exclusively at Trader Joe's across the nation.
I asked her to bring a wine, but she's really cheap so she brought that two buck chuck.
by kiteless January 11, 2004
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A wine of various types by Charles Shaw (Chuck) which is sold for $1.99 a bottle at the Trader Joe's grocery store chain in California, with bottles by the hundreds, possibly thousands, in plain sight at these locations. It is surprisingly decent and is a nice cheap way to buy booze as long as you don't care what it is.
Friend: Why do you have wine?

Me: How about because bottles of wine are the same as about 5 beers, these are two dollars each, and I still can still eat once I'm starving. And also because I don't care what you think. So I bought 2 buck chuck.

Friend: True, good point.
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Name given to really really nasty wine that will make you sicker than the mansons with aids. $2+ alcoholic beverage popular with teeny boppers and homeless bums. Now the nasty liquid has evolved into goon (same crappy cheap wine just in a foil bag with a tap)that you can buy for $6.00 for 5 litres. The bag can be inflated when empty to used as a pillow coz face it, if goon is the only shit you can afford to drink then you obviously dont have a bed. You will the pillow to lie down on after you burn all your energy projectiling pizza and goon at high
velocities from you mouth. This liquid is rumoured to be the residue collected from Satan Himself's armpit.
The 2 buck chuck story:
"Damn friday night, nowhere to crash, no money and i feel like getting drunk"
* Reaches into the innermost depths of pockets and produces lint covered shrapnel*
* Combs street and gutters for stray loose change*
*Slams fistfull of sweaty, grimey coins onto the counter of the local Bottle-o*
"Gimme sum of that crap red stuff in the bag in the box"
*1hr later barfing down the slide of the local playground
by ohwefoh September 29, 2006
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cheap Alcoholic Beverage of low quality ie. Fruity Lexia, Kentucky Gold, Woodstock etc.
by Zyklon-B October 01, 2003
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