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The 2% rule is a reference measurement noting the relative amount smarter you need to be (or think) to be able to pull off a particular task.

Frequently used as a gentle insult or to point out someone's apparent stupidity, usually in direct reference to a task said person is presently trying to accomplish. Typically but not limited to involving the use or inability to use a piece of technology.
Person 1: I can't get my phone to upload this picture I just took of myself to Myspace.

Person 2: 2% rule.


Drunk guy 1 (after having a few more drinks): That dude doesn't look so tough anymore. I'm gonna kick his a$$ now.

Less drunk guy 2: That last shot dropped you down to 1%.

Drunk guy 1 (slurring): Wait, whut?
by deadw8 May 30, 2010
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