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3 definitions by Rhiever

A rule that states that if a food item sounds 2/3 good, it must be good.

Originated at a Taco Bell, whereupon the creator was deciding whether or not to buy a Caramel Apple Empanada. The creator had no idea what an empanada was, but caramel and apple made it sound 2/3 good. The Caramel Apple Empanada turned out to be delicious, and thus the 2/3 rule was born.
Indecisive customer: "What's fried chocolate guano?"
Friend of indecisive customer: "I don't know, dude, but it sounds 2/3 good. By 2/3 rule, you have to try it."
by Rhiever April 21, 2009
35 9
A dildo studded with yet more dildos. Oftentimes used to describe how painful, bad or rough a situation is.
That final exam was rougher than getting raped with a dildo studded dildo.
by Rhiever June 27, 2009
5 1
The ability to masturbate with either hand. Alternatively, the ability to switch hit in the five knuckle shuffle.
Guy 1: I burned my right hand pretty bad yesterday.
Guy 2: That sucks man, guess you won't be spanking it for a while.
Guy 1: Nah dude, I can still do it with my left hand. I'm ambifapstrous.
by Rhiever June 27, 2009
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