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2 litres of a delicious beverage with shiteloads of flavours. Try dat shit!
ICP began spraying Faygo on all da Juggalos
by cloudburst_juggalo August 14, 2002
cheap shitty soda
maybe after were done listening to ICP and having anal sex we can drink a 2 litre of faygo
by steve September 03, 2002
good ass soda and official drink of all juggalos
all u who say icp is fuck yall cause im a juggalo and ill kick all ur ass's and so would icp...if u went to the gathering u would know how fuckin fresh icp is so fuck off u anl fucking faggots
by j2dope July 27, 2003
first of all, you all spelled liter wrong. JOIN AMERICA!
ICP had some gay sex then went and poured faygo all over their balls
by Anonymous February 23, 2003
Soda that stings your skin.
I went to a kick-ass icp show and my skin started stinging from all the faygo on my body.
by Daphne June 07, 2003
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